Bullock's Head

At the corner of Byrne and Blair Streets in Donald, you'll find the tree that has intrigued people throughout Donald's history. Fronting the river is a viewing platform overlooking a natural formation on a dead gum tree that resembles the head of a bullock.

Corner of Blair & Byrne Streets, Donald VIC 3480


This natural formation on an old gum tree is remarkably like a bullock’s head. Town wisdom has it that if the bullock takes a drink, the town is in trouble from flood waters. The bullock has taken more than a drink on at least two occasions. The 1909 floods, and the 2011 floods saw the bullock at risk of drowning, with only the top of his horn showing! During the long drought at the start of this century, the tree fell down. It has been protected with fibreglass and restored to its original position with a steel pole to strengthen it, but its appearance has been unaltered in this process.

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